Tout Chemin pack


Drive with a scooter 200cc, comfortable, powerful and elegant. Enjoy the incredible landscapes all day long and appreciate the serenity in the hotel located in these magical places.




Number of days Price (IDR) Price (US$)/scooter*
1 day Rp   3 150 000   US$ 240
2 days Rp   6 300 000   US$ 840
3 days** Rp   9 300 000   US$ 700
4 days Rp 12 150 000   US$ 915
5 days Rp 15 000 000   US$ 1130
6 days Rp 17 850 000   US$ 1340
7 days Rp 20 700 000

  US$ 1560




From a 3 days tour, the passenger  is

free of charge for a minimum of a 6 persons group


*Indicative rates likely to fluctuate according to the US$ conversion

**Degressive rates from the 3rd day

What is included

  • English speaker guide
  •  125cc Scooter
  • Gas
  • Safety material: Helmet, mask and gloves

  • Team of mechanics that check the vehicles
  • Hotel room*
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch**
  • Coffee break
  • Entry tickets on various sites
  • Lombok and Java ferry tickets

    * A two persons standard room: air conditioning and hot water.
    ** A large meal and a drink

What is not included

  • Material insurance
  • Evening meal


Selling conditions:


The driver must be over 18 years old, have an international driving license. For a 200cc scooter or more, he must have a motorbike driving license. Bali Balo Motor & Tours keep the right to modify or cancel a tour if during a test the guide evaluate that the driving ability of the customer as a danger for is own security as well as all of the other drivers.