Kawah Tour


The Kawah Tour allows you to discover Bali and Java's volcanoes in a unique way for 3 days at least, which will immerse yourself in the Indonesian culture.


All along the road you will contemplate majestic volcanoes, amazing landscapes, cross off the beaten roads and authentic villages.

This formula will permit yourself to discover, for instance the impressive Ijen volcano, the most acidic crater in the world, located in the East part of Java. Sulfur is extracted manually by miners, who sometimes carry baskets over 60 kilos, from the crater to the top of the volcano. Then go to the discovery of the Bromo Mountain, volcano still active which peaked at 2329 meters of altitude. Its immense crater measure 800 meters of diameters and 200 meters of depth, something to give you imperishable memories.






  • Where ? Bali and Java
  • What to discover? The city of Banyuwangi, Kawah Ijen volcano, the magnificent Bromo volcano, Bedgul, the region of Munduk and many other surprises.
  • How many days ? 3 to 7 days
  • When ? April to October

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